Survey Results

Thank you to everyone who responded to our online survey. There were 204 responses!  The survey will stay up until June 16, 2010. Here are the answers (rounded-up/down)!

Question 1: Do you live in Lawrenceville?
13%  Yes (Lower Lawrenceville)
41%   Yes (Central Lawrenceville)
11%   Yes (Upper Lawrenceville)
34%   No
[Skipped: 1]

Question 2:  How many dogs do you have?

58%  1 dog
24%  2 dogs
3%     3 dogs
3%     3 or more dogs
9%    None
4%    None, but plan to get a dog in the next year

3.  Are your dogs smaller or larger?
31%  Smaller (under 30 lbs)
64%  Larger (over 30 lbs)
5%    Both (if multiple dogs)
[Skipped question: 19]

4.  Are you supportive of our mission to establish a community-based, enclosed off-leash dog park that is well-maintained, safe and enjoyable for well-mannered dogs and people in Lawrenceville?
99%   Yes
1%      No
[Skipped question: 2]

5.  Where do you let your dog(s) run free in Lawrenceville? (Check all that apply.)
16%  Arsenal Park (outside of the tennis courts)
38%  Arsenal Park (inside tennis courts)
21%  Allegheny River Trail
10%  Buncher Corporation “lawn” near 43rd Street and the river
14%  SW corner of Allegheny Cemetery (section near Boys & Girls Club)
46%  Other (please specify)
[Skipped question: 58]

6.  Do you visit other enclosed or off-leash dog parks in the region?
61%  Lower Frick Park
6%  Riverview Park
25%  Hartwood Acres
29%  North Park
3%  White Oak Park
9%  South Park
27%  Other (please specify)
[Skipped question: 53]

7.  How often would you use an enclosed dog park in Lawrenceville?
24%  Daily
25%  4-5 times a week
32%  2-3 times a week
11%  Once a week
6%  Less than once a week
5%  Never
[Skipped question: 15]

8. Which times would you be more likely to visit the park? (Check all the apply)
20%  Weekdays 6am to 9 am
25%  Weekdays 9am to 5 pm
85%  Weekdays 5pm to 9 pm
8.5%  Weekdays after 9pm
56%  Weekend mornings
67%  Weekend afternoons
40%  Weekend evenings
[Skipped question: 16]

9.  Which features would you like to see in the dog park?
43%  Small dog section separate from larger dogs
91%  Drinking water source for people and dogs
32%  Agility/training equipment (ramps, pipes, stairs, etc.)
45%  Shallow dog pond (concrete base)
27%  Hand activated sprinkler/pedal activated sprinkler
84%  Benches
45%  Bulletin board
60%  Composting bin for dog waste (no bags)
62%  Regular garbage (bring your own bag)
74%  Night lighting
17%  Other (please specify)
[Skipped question: 8]

10.  Can we contact you about participating in the creation of the Lawrenceville dog park?
97%  Yes
3%     No

Born and raised at 51st. and Dresden Way,I’m a former dog owner for many years,but my health prevents me from being a current owner. I love animals and believe a park like this is a win win for both man and pet.
Please get one soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I just moved from Brooklyn and my dog and I were regulars at our last park.  Let me know how I can help make this work!
I live close to frick park now and am moving to bloomfield next month and will surely miss being able to walk to an area that I can let my pooch run her energy off. Let me know how I can help out!
Let me know how I can help
Hope to see it come to fruition!
I think this would be a great idea and I know I would use this often!!!
I may be moving to the Lawrenceville area by October.
Hope this works out, we have two active terriers that love to meet and run around with new dogs!
Good luck!
Great idea – just reluctant about irresponsible owners bring down pitt bulls and letting them off the leashes.
I am looking to move closer to Pittsburgh in about a year. A dog park would definitely be a plus since I will be bringing my dog with me.
Thanks for starting this.  Think cities – Pgh included – tend to undervalue dog parks.  Depending on location, this could also create a business opportunity for a good local pet store that would provide tax revenue.
I can’t wait for the Lawrenceville dog park — it’s just one more reason to buy a home in the neighborhood. And our pug will love it!
Tho i don’t live nearby, i fully support SAFE dog parks everywhere! 🙂 woof!
good luck.
LOVE the idea! (well mannered dogs only) Lawrenceville is a great community…I think the dog park will only be a credit to the atmosphere!
Look forward to helping when/where I can.  Good luck!
I think it’s a great idea!!!
I think this is a great idea. I can’t wait to see it happen.
Great idea for everyone on this side of town!
Thanks for all of your work towards this great cause!
Thank you, great idea!
This is very exciting.  Thank you for taking this on!!
Good luck w the dog park! great idea !
I applaud your efforts to create a dog park, I believe every community should have a fenced-in area for large dogs to run. Thank you
Glad to see this, just found out about it. Id like to help any way needed.
Since we’re moving to the area soon, I was researching where to take my dogs… Very excited to see something is in the works. 🙂
A dog park in our neighborhood would be a godsend for us and our Italian Greyhound
Thank you!  (and “woof” from our dog)
I’d love to help and have flexible schedule; call or email me!
I love the idea!!!
Already on the committee!
I am just pro anything positive in Lville : )
Great idea guys!
Very exciting!
Love l-ville, would be happy to have another reason to visit!
I don’t currently own a dog, but will in the future, and support an off-leash dog park regardless
Sounds great!  wish i had heard about this before now.
Let me know if there is anything I can do to help!
I would love to see a dog park created in Lawrenceville
This would be wonderful!
We’d love to help out even though we live in East Liberty!
Best of luck…wish we were there
I think it’s about time this happens in our neighborhood!
Great idea
I have a truck and would voluenteer for construction labor
I have cats, but believe dog park in Lawrenceville would be a great idea
Let’s do this!
Good luck!
Would love a dog park!
Thank you!
I used to have a dog and I always longed for a park in LV! Let me know what I can do to help!

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